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The catalogue for Chie! has been published finally.
The book has its launching on 7/12/2008 at Para/Site.
this image has been produced and inserted to the book as a reminder that the project should not be over and things are still awaiting us to tackle.

We will notify all involved for their complimentary copies.
Yet the present Para/Site management preferred it to be sold, so if you are not involved in the project but like to have or buy a copy, pls contact Para/Site to see how u could get hold of one.

The artist talk
"Free Culture and Free Society - Can we have both?"
on Creative Commons and Fair Use Rights
has been held on the 13/12/2008 at C&G Artpartment

the related materials are placed onto the following blog.
do check it out if u're inetrested.

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Tomorrow (27/4/08) is the last day for the CHiE! exhibition, the Fridge - You Are What You Freezed project of Community Museum Project will hold a round of sharing from 2 to 5.

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on the opposite page to mcyan timesq incident in Apple Daily, is a smaller entry on AIR 4x4 project working their way into the community.

Recently heard, there is a work of Bansky to be on show here in town. Name of Bansky seems to be spreading quick, while many still have not heard of him when Law Man Lok introduced about him in the Comics hijacking Activism workshop. But I did notice a short news article in am 730 of a wall with his graffiti getting auctioned.

Tiny West mentioned also in the workshop of a few props that they saw from manual books for protestors and tried to reproduce themselves. Those designs suddenly remind me of the works of another artist that I came upon in Istanbul Biennial 07. check out the gears he designed at



(design: Law Man Lok)
Name: One World One Dream
Tagline: Forum
Host: Return of the Tank
Type: Education - Workshop
Time and Place
Date: Wednesday, June 4, 2008
Time: 1:00pm - 6:00pm
Location: Goldsmiths College(TBC)
City/Town: London, United Kingdom

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i personally do not wanna take a stance on how the clip has been titled, or what it meant I post it here, I just think people visiting this site might be interested in this incident, so watch it and judge (or simply think) for yrself.

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「斷估唔拉之騎劫時代廣場」比賽頒獎典禮於2008年4月6日 [星期天] 在銅鑼灣的時代廣場進行了.
尤物獎:王無姿 -可以玩骨牌麼?


磨難蓆獎:Paul Ho-當時代遇上飛行棋

創意獎:Vasco Paiva & Hector RODRIGUEZ- State Change



楊瑾梁弘熙 梁素素 盧國健 黃雯慧 - 大家一齊「拖」!

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2008/05/04 [星期六/SAT] 1400 - 1900
[Exhibition Gallery]

「Para/Site藝術空間 - 香港賽馬會策展工作計劃」簡介
Introducing Para/Site Art Space - Hong Kong Jockey Club Curatorial Training Programme
[英語進行/conducted in English][Symposium Room]

Screening of QUEEN’S PIER
映後討論會 / Discussion session
[粵語進行/conducted in Cantonese]

獨立媒體 宣傳片 導演版(鬼影版) 首播
In-media PROMO director's cut (ghostly version) Preview
[Exhibition Gallery]

Announcement over Hijacking Times Square Competition Prizes Giving Ceremony moving on to Sunday at Times Square
[粵語進行/conducted in Cantonese]


郭達年 與 歐寧 對談
Dialogue between LENNY KWOK (Guo Da-nian) and OU NING
(梁文道主持/Host by LEUNG MAN TAO)
[粵語進行/conducted in Cantonese]

2008/06/04 [星期日/SUN] 1500

Hijacking Time Square Competition Prizes Giving Ceremony

venue: Time Square, Causeway Bay


拍攝:自治八樓+影行者/剪接:林森/地區:香港/年份:2007/08/ 語言:廣東話/片長﹕約90分鐘
Queen's Pier
Filming: autonomus 8a, v-artivist/Editing: Lam Sam/Region: Hong Kong/Year: 2007/08/Language: Cantonese/Length: approx. 90 mins


前黑鳥樂團的靈魂人物。黑鳥是香港獨一無二的無政府主義樂團,自七○年代成軍以來,持續地以非暴力的音樂形式等展開全面性的文化革命。黑鳥堅持拒絕向政府申請補助,經營樂團所需要的所有資源,全依靠團員勞動所得。…兩千年到來前,黑鳥以《黑夜驪歌》作為告別作。…二○○七年,郭達年把黑鳥樂隊二十年來的創作結集成七碟裝的《黑鳥全集》Bag Set,隨後把九十年初的《黑鳥通訊》部份文獻結集,出版了《在黑夜的死寂中歌唱》一書,包含對話、採訪、作品、記錄以文字、圖案、照片、手譜,是一個超過二十多年的文化實踐的紀實「文件」。(摘自


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事務多多,搭多了地鐵,有一天遇上metropop發行天,拿了一本來研究,竟發現有chie!的介紹而給打了一頓,也就收起來給相關人們過目,沒有想到,今天再翻下去,竟發現一則新聞,話說bjork在上海演唱,encore的部分,高歌了一曲declare independence,並把Tibet也混入其中地名.



(博匯Civic Express : Hong Kong's Blogazine)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Well, talked with Tobias again today over the trouble with Osage concerning the foyer projection and my earlier entry here. It turned out to be another unfortunate mis-communication between different parties, and I am therefore happy to apologize for any false accusation to anyone based on incomplete facts. (the peculiar fact is ofcourse, how come I also have only the partial facts?)

The fact, it seems, is that Osage did ask or communicate (unfortunately just) with Tobias (and not us curators of the show), about what they wanted to do with the foyer projection, while we curators were then still attempting to use the foyer projection for showing our participants' work there. For us, work of art always should have the priorty, and hence we were particularly dissatisfied then, with the intended work showing there being replaced by a design that has not our (curators') endorsement.

I certainly do not want to put all the blame on to Tobias, for our idea over the projection at the foyer was a rather late decision, and I principally agreed with Tobias then, that it would be a waste of our energy with what I proposed to do, that of asking both Norman and us to meet with Osage and decide together on what to do with the front projection.

Yet taking in Tobias' advise on the spot, I shifted to response to it in the CHiE blog afterwards, by trying to see or link this experience with the topic of creative commons vs copy, stirring up attention to a new kind of unclear border, a grey zone, which is also a part of what the show is trying to address. What is stealing if we are trying to opening up copyright? What is it (or Why is it) that our designer was feeling bad about this? (Because its immitator technique is inferior?) I believe all these, should be a much more positive lesson for us to think about.

here is a link to OPEN KNOWLEDGE.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

區區有睇頭 文化導賞團

透過文化導賞團,你重新以另一個角度去看看香港這個既熟識又陌生的地方。我們深信每一個社區都是一個寶藏,等待著我們去發掘埋藏在它裡面的歷史、文化、人和人之間的…… 究竟區內的發展,在過去、現在、將來,如何改變了那個地方,還有使用那地方的人?


社區導賞2-3 hrs +行後分享 30 mins

觀塘 周思中+袁人 「工廠的興衰與轉變」

4月之旅 「 盡 管你我空間 」系列

九龍灣 謝柏齊 「大商廈的空間設計」

深水土步 薯寶 「小商舖的生活智慧」

費用 每人每次收費:$40

1. 系列參與形式收費:一次繳交3次團費,而全部出席者,可獲退回$40大元。

2. 如4人或以上結伴報名,可以以優惠價$120參加一團。

名額:每團15人 報名及查詢:Phoebe 6596 0906 /

主辦: 自治八樓(學聯社會運動資源中心) 23977231


two newly made mindmaps provide at the venue for grasping the show

self-explanatory figures (captured from Golden Forum)


detourment, with a minimum effort








check out mins 8:00 to 9:30 of this youtube clip
a scene acted outby the social commentator/actor Wong Yuk Man playing the head of a gossip magazine criticizing the unhealthy media.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

meeting of CMP took place in the venue this afternoon.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Do be considerate.

尋失物/material lost

Survival Guide For Demonstrators

This item on display has disappeared from our venue, we could have much like to have it back, for it is a precious item out of a personal collection. If you have taken it by mistake out of the venue, pls return it asap, many thanks. And you are invited to make photocopies with the machine in the venue, of whatever materials on display you like.

活動 / activities

20/03/2007 1530

民間博物館 / Community Museum Project
「解說雪櫃」計劃會議 "You are what you freeze" project meeting
廣東話進行 / conduct in Cantonese

30/3/2008 1500

自治8樓 / SMRC 8A
奧運吹水會 ("What to do upon Beijing Olympics?")
廣東話進行 / conduct in Cantonese

進行中的計劃 / On-going Projects

[獨立媒體 / inmedia]

在展覽期間把 七十年代 雜誌進行電子掃瞄

Scanning of the 70’s Magazine during the exhibition period, and making it re-available for free
download later

[ 程展緯 / 斷估唔拉 / 獨立媒體 / Luke Ching / Chie / InMedia]
Hijacking Time Square Competition

[ 程展緯 / 梁展峰 / 斷估唔拉 // Luke Ching / Jeff Leung / Chie]

(仍在相洽中) 為香港藝術館 香港製造 展覽製作導賞式作品明信片
(still in negotiation) Producing postcards “for” MADE IN HONG KONG show at Hong Kong Museum of Art

四月五日(星期六) 下午

郭達年與歐寧 清談對話
Lenny KWOK & OU Ning “open dialogue”

人在皇后 作品放映及討論會
Screening of Queen’s Pier and discussion session

騎劫時代廣場比賽 結果公佈
Prizes Announcement of
Hijacking Time Square Competition

Sunday, March 16, 2008

So much in the Made for Hong Kong Symposium were misguiding, I simply can't refrain and decided to speak more than I originally planned to. I raised the talk about resources, only for if we are to talk about the realism aspect.

To me, maybe for argument sake, Chie is a show far more symbolic than most people could grasp. People (those with narrowmind conception of art and those who like social engaging art) could only see the social activism there, but not their organization and mode of practices within a curatorial context.

But among the two groups of people, I certainly sympathize with the later.
If one believe there is something bounded to be not suitable for an art space,
then what is not suitable is not that something,
but that space calling itself an art space,
and the close-mindness of such a belief (mentality).
香港公共空間 你所不知道的二三事

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Siu Hak

To further assure you, I have (in an email conversation dated 04/08/06) put forward the same concerns to siuhak. When asked if he could permit the continuation of this blog, he replied
"of course you can"
and seemed to be pleased of his increasing fanbase.

4 維賣藝


Sunday, February 17, 2008


in front of Tung Chee Hwa








當香港還是英國殖民地的時候,到處豎立著一尊一尊的銅像,如兵頭花園的喬治六世銅像和維多利亞公園的女皇銅像,英國的統治者無時無處不在,形象再具體不過。回歸以後的金紫荊銅像、回歸紀念柱雖然比較抽象,但宣示主權的作用和效果一分不少──有什麼比豎立一尊「永恆」的圖騰來說明「這裡是我的」更「威」?難怪大企業的總部總有創辦人的銅像。這些都已成為我們「公共藝術」歷史的一部分。 社會運動裡也有不同的物品、道具與圖騰。每年六四在維多利亞公園的集會中,我們可以看見複製天安門廣場的民主女神像和人民英雄紀念碑。細看之下,我們會發覺維園版民主女神像其實是鐵絲網的造形外加上布料,比較同一場地裡的女皇銅像,民間和統治機構的「示威尤物」最大的分別是否在於他們佔據公共空間的時間性?在準備《示威遊/尤物》的資料搜集過程中,我們發覺製作這些道具的一個首要條件是達到吸引傳媒的效果(有時傳媒的報道甚至成為示威的高潮),示威之後這些物品往往遺失或損毀──會否傳說中的政府收藏間才是最陣容鼎盛的「示威博物館」?



police warning banners

Ellen Pau Drained 1

Ellen Pau x ZUNI











MV version




another version (with different transcript)


another version

Gayamyan 1

not much in below clip, but at least it is in English

Zuni 1


*‘Che!’ is a word play referring to both Ernesto Che Guevara (港譯: 切.古華拉 / 哲古華拉), and a common Cantonese expression of dissatifaction. Since ‘Che’ is also the proper Putonghua pronounication of ‘car’ , it was mocked at in the animation film of McDull, Prince de la Bun.
The Chinese title for the exhibition project is a playful saying from "The Bull" Tsang Kin-shing (阿牛/曾健成) of Citizens Radio, in a program of Wong Yuk Man in web-radio My Radio, over the Citizens Radio Ban incident. It means something close to "This probably won't be charged" but the sound of it also plays on the name of Ernesto Che Guevara. The Chinese title in the logo at the header, was written by Szeto Wah (司徒華), chairman of The Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China, during the HKASPDMC Chinese New Year Flower Market fund raising occasion at Feb 2008.